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1974 Oldsmobile brochure


48 page color catalog, 10x8. Covers open to two page photograph showing three-quarter frontal view of maroon Oldsmobile Toronado Custom Sport Coupe on mountain road overlooking lake. 134 photographs, photo renderings and drawings show exterior, interior, features, options and accessories for Oldsmobile Toronado Custom Sport Coupe; Ninety-Eight Luxury Coupe, Hardtop Sedan and Regency Sedan; Delta 88 Hardtop Coupe and Town Sedan and Royale Hardtop Sedan, Town Sedan and Convertible; Cutlass Salon, Supreme and S Colonnade Hardtop Coupes; Omega Hatchback Coupe, Coupe and Town Sedan; and Custom, Vista and Cutlass Station Wagons. Includes discussion, specifications and chart showing paint colors available.

  • Manufactured by: Oldsmobile

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